Let’s Get Radical

This Sunday was pure momentum. 11 native artists came out to start one of Shiprock’s first mural’s of its kind. RDP commissioned the collaborative mural outside the new Chieftain Records Music Store. Kids, painters, taggers, music artists, rappers came out of the woodwork to check out the amazing process or add their own skills and imagination to the wall.

It all started around noon when artists Saba, Carl Ski Zero, Jaycee Beyale

Chrystal Arviso, Quinn Montoya, and Michael Billy started to  flow their visions and designs together. There was something about collaborating to create a mural that in turn created this amazing connection and community. The experienced graffiti artists including local Kirtland artist, Hardison Yazzie mentored the younger artists on technique as well as provided  immensely supportive encouragement.

We are excited to announce that this will be the first of a series of murals in Shiprock! If you want to get involved or come check out the mural itself contact us at saragreen1213@yahoo.com or (267)-733-2266!

BIG thank you to all artists including, L.A. Underground Paints, and Chieftain Records Music Shop! Let’s keep this flowing!


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Green in the Desert

The Shiprock Community Garden is transforming each week! Through the care of local individuals ranging from youth to grandmothers and grandfathers, the garden is now a rich colorful community hub!

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speak your mind

We hosted an Open Mic/Poetry Slam at the new music store, Chieftain Track Records. The owners were psyched, and so many artists came out to share their talents. Young and old mingled in glorious creativity. It was such a blast, especially at the end, when guys from 3 different bands jammed out. Our friend Jared MCed and got the crowd pumped. Another friend from IHS read some of his poetry, while Sierra sang a song she had written. The originality was so impressive! Covers dominated the night, with the best being a country/rock version of Outkast’s Hey Ya. Local bands, like Party Apocalypse and My Deadly Dearest, tried out their acoustic sets.

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Summer’s Here and the Time is Right

For doing community organizing. So now that summer has officially begun (it being 90s to 100s all week), we’re continuing some endeavors and starting new ones. With our expanding volunteer base and group of adult mentors, we’re making this the coolest summer you can get while in the desert.

Things to look forward to:

1. Community Art Class: Mon and Thurs, 2pm-4pm @ The Drop-In Center (more programs getting scheduled every day.)

2. Phase I of Skatepark constructed

3. 4 heritage trips for youth

4. Community Garden unveiling (trees being planted as I type this)

5. 4 brand spankin’ new murals

6. Opening of our very own arts and activism center

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Garden Party!

We had our first planting day at the garden. Thanks to everyone who has been coming to help set it all up with the beds, fencing, etc. It’s been messy work, but so awesome to finally plant. I can’t wait to see all our zuccini and watermelon grow beautifully by the Shiprock Library.

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Skate on

We’ve been doing lots of local fundraising for the Skate Park Competition on Saturday and it’s been so much fun! The skaters brought up the idea to have a Navajo Taco Sale, so that’s what we did!

Making fry bread

Lil B's Frybread

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Up for Another Vote

Our project is up for another voting competition! This time with Pepsi. We got lots of funding for our program from the last grant y’all voted for (THANKS!), so now we’re applying to be able to provide stipends for our volunteers and youth around the community.

Whenever we meet a new, interested youth around Shiprock, the first question is “Can you hire me?”. People here really need jobs, and the only ones being provided are unhealthy: fast-food chains, coal mines, oil fields. If you come to Shiprock, that’s pretty much all you see. We need healthy, green jobs to help the community and people want to do it! There just aren’t any resources. So please vote. And please vote every day because our community deserves to have jobs that aren’t polluting our air, water, and bodies.


please vote every day and pass it on to your friends.

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