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We Got It!

Rethink Dine Power was up for a $5,000 grant from Brighter Planet. Brighter Planet seeks to foster local leadership and seed worthy community projects that will help people fight or adapt to climate change. We applied in good faith that our friends, family, and networks across the country would see the sincerity, urgency, and importance of our project and support it!
We won the grant because of the dedication of the amazing leaders from Shiprock and our allies across the nation. We owe all of our thanks and gratitude to this patchwork of individuals that made sustaining this project possible. The $5,000 will be used to fund upcoming visioning events and workshops, stipended roles within our leadership structure, and community art projects.
We are so excited and hopeful for the future and this opportunity not only provided fiscal resources for the project, but it developed a deeper sense of ownership over the project with our local leaders. This is not Amanda’s and my project anymore, this is truly the communties’. This was the intended goal of Rethink Diné Power, and Brighter Planet as well as everyone’s support has made this possible. Thank you.

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