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Promotion for the Dance!

Cris, our good friend/MC/rapper, hooked us up with Radio station where we got to talk about the dance live! Although it’s not a Shiprock station, the beautiful people of Colorado got to hear about it, too. In addition to this promo, we got a piece on the air for another local station (sorry I have a terrible memory as to which ones) as well as in the Farmington Daily Times. Also we did some announcements at Shiprock High and Northwest High, plus passed out flyers at Dine College and San Juan College.

Sierra on the radio!


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On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Colin, who’s been helping us out a lot, organized a clean-up. I posted the flyer earlier. Anyway, it was a big sucess!! We had over 50 people show up to pick up trash and paint over graffiti. We got a ton of truckloads over to the Transfer Station, for sure over 5 truckloads of trash and conquered north-side, south-side, east-side and by the high school. Also the bridge looks great with only one new tag since the clean-up.
Great job everyone!

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What’s Going on Now?

Sorry, it’s been a while since we last updated. But that’s not to say we’ve been twiddling our thumbs.

Monday, we’re teaming up with Americorps for a MLK Shiprock Clean up. I’m super excited to be organizing a service event, and this is the start to a good trend!

Last Wednesday, we launched What’s Your Story? at Shiprock High. More turned out than expected, which was awesome!! We had 12 students who had a lot of fun acting out motivational emotions. We’re doing it again next week and hopefully we’ll have pictures too!

We’re getting ready for a youth community dance at the end of this month. The first non-high school, non-country western dance for the youth here. Check out a flyer that one of our friends made:

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