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Tag and Skate. Skate and Tag.

In order to promote the skatepark initiative, we hosted a Tag and Skate. What is a Tag and Skate, you may ask? It’s basically a party where people can skateboard and paint. Lots of skaters came out from their usual spot at Burger King (also Erin’s and my new hangout) to Nizhoni Park, where we had snacks and asked for their input on the park design.

Plus I made a cool video for our fundraising efforts. Currently we have a little over $33,000 for a budgeted park of $250,000. Long way to go, but we’re doing a good job of getting the community involved. Skaters have now been coming to the board meetings and even got to chat with the designer via the internet.


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After-school Arts

Tse’Bit’Ai Middle School unfortunately lacks any art classes in their curriculum. Fortunately, they gave us the OK to start our own! While I don’t have much talent in the realm of art, many of our friends do. Each week we’ve invited a different community member to teach a form of art to the students. And they’re pretty excited, 20 showed up the first class. Every Monday after school, these students can hang out, learn a new skill and be creative.

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Rez-life: DJ Showcase and Hip-Hop Dance

In our roles as organizers for this project we have decided that events that may seem strategic for us, aren’t necessarily the most strategic for the youth in this community. We want to help support and create what youth really need. In order to do that, we listened, and listened, and listened. And what we heard is something we have never thought of doing…a hip hop dance.

On the reservation country western dances reign supreme but usually create space for only older community members. Our friends and youth community members told us that there hasn’t been a space for them to dance for a long time, so we created the opportunity.

And the dance was off the chain last night! The DJs really made the night awesome with about 160 people coming (not including the 20 volnteers to made the night run as smooth as butter). Akilah took great photos of the acts and everyone had a fun time. Telletha got to tell everyone about the skatepark and the Boys and Girls Club got an awesome makeover.

DJ Young Native

The volunteers all had an awesome time and so did the people who came, especially those from Kirtland for some odd reason. Can’t wait to do another one.

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