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Garden Party!

We had our first planting day at the garden. Thanks to everyone who has been coming to help set it all up with the beds, fencing, etc. It’s been messy work, but so awesome to finally plant. I can’t wait to see all our zuccini and watermelon grow beautifully by the Shiprock Library.


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Skate on

We’ve been doing lots of local fundraising for the Skate Park Competition on Saturday and it’s been so much fun! The skaters brought up the idea to have a Navajo Taco Sale, so that’s what we did!

Making fry bread

Lil B's Frybread

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Up for Another Vote

Our project is up for another voting competition! This time with Pepsi. We got lots of funding for our program from the last grant y’all voted for (THANKS!), so now we’re applying to be able to provide stipends for our volunteers and youth around the community.

Whenever we meet a new, interested youth around Shiprock, the first question is “Can you hire me?”. People here really need jobs, and the only ones being provided are unhealthy: fast-food chains, coal mines, oil fields. If you come to Shiprock, that’s pretty much all you see. We need healthy, green jobs to help the community and people want to do it! There just aren’t any resources. So please vote. And please vote every day because our community deserves to have jobs that aren’t polluting our air, water, and bodies.

please vote every day and pass it on to your friends.

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Since the erasure of the mural, things have been kicking into gear. We’ve done:

1. A community dialogue, packed with adults and youth, really awesome conversations

2. First work-day of the community garden, we’ve got the beds in place and ready to plant!

3. Created our summer Skatepark plan and helped a volunteer apply for funding.

4. Helped a volunteer facilitate weekly youth meetings.

5. Went to each high school to gather input on what a Youth Center should look like.

6. Got a Mosaic project for the park approved by the Chapter House

Pictures to come soon!!

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