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Let’s Get Radical

This Sunday was pure momentum. 11 native artists came out to start one of Shiprock’s first mural’s of its kind. RDP commissioned the collaborative mural outside the new Chieftain Records Music Store. Kids, painters, taggers, music artists, rappers came out of the woodwork to check out the amazing process or add their own skills and imagination to the wall.

It all started around noon when artists Saba, Carl Ski Zero, Jaycee Beyale

Chrystal Arviso, Quinn Montoya, and Michael Billy started to  flow their visions and designs together. There was something about collaborating to create a mural that in turn created this amazing connection and community. The experienced graffiti artists including local Kirtland artist, Hardison Yazzie mentored the younger artists on technique as well as provided  immensely supportive encouragement.

We are excited to announce that this will be the first of a series of murals in Shiprock! If you want to get involved or come check out the mural itself contact us at or (267)-733-2266!

BIG thank you to all artists including, L.A. Underground Paints, and Chieftain Records Music Shop! Let’s keep this flowing!


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Green in the Desert

The Shiprock Community Garden is transforming each week! Through the care of local individuals ranging from youth to grandmothers and grandfathers, the garden is now a rich colorful community hub!

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